Photo Courtesy, La Plata County Historical Society


"All Truly Great Thoughts Are Conceived By Walking." ~ Friedrich Nietsche


Walk with us as we explore Downtown Durango as it was in the late 1800's. Choose between our four tours to find the one that's just right for you. Be forewarned, our stories illuminate the darker side of Durango's history.

Our longest tours (Coal Dust & Oysters and Murder & Mayhem) are capped at 10 people. We want our tourists to have an intimate experience in addition to being able to easily navigate the Durango sidewalks. 

Our Coal Dust & Oysters tour will focus on South Main Avenue starting near (meets at the horse sculptures in front of The Palace Restaurant) the D&SNG Train Depot, as did so many immigrants during the mining boom. It was here that many of the more affordable hotels resided due to the proximity to the Smelter and Depot. The tour will end at Four Leaves Winery where HHT customers can sample fruit wines reminiscent of bygone times. 

Our Murder & Mayhem tour will focus on North Main Avenue. It starts at the Steaming Bean Coffee House (basement of the Irish Embassy on 9th and Main) and ends at Durango Craft Spirits. This tour will take you to notorious saloons and past the sites of legendary gunfights. Durango in the late 1800's and early 1900's was truly the Wild West. Outlaws roamed the streets past saloons where men gambled their money away.  Brothels were commonplace (at one time Durango had 250 "fallen angels") and many of the so called "soiled doves" made a lasting impression that can still be felt today. Dogs and cats ran rampant past dazed consumers of Opium leaving secret dens. Based on coroner records and written accounts, the quickest way to solve a problem was to draw your pistol.

The Quick & Dirty tour is for those who might just want the highlights from both the Coal Dust & Oysters and Murder & Mayhem tours. We meet at the Steaming Bean Coffee House where you can grab a coffee on us to sip as you listen to history. We will end at the Train Depot. Please note, this tour does not enter establishments (except for our meeting place).

Kick the Can (seasonal) is a tour designed for young historians. Kids will learn about Durango's fun and haunting history, become honorary Sheriff's, and get a "Most Wanted" photo taken. 

Our tours will take you past some of these incidents. We hope you will join us as we take a walk back in time...

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