Scott Perez

Scott Perez

Scott may have been born in Ohio but his soul is definitely from the West. Take one look at him and you’ll see he’s a cowboy through and through. Scott is also a renaissance man. He spent 25 years as a working cowboy and guide throughout the western United States.

This love of the land sparked him to go back to college at Fort Lewis where he earned his B.A. in Southwest Studies. He couldn’t help but fall in love with the history of our picturesque and unique town. But his passion for education drove him forward and he headed to Cornell University.

There he earned his M.S. in Natural Resources. He all but completed his Ph.D. there but had to leave before finishing his dissertation due to a health emergency with his son. He headed “home” to Durango where he could love and support his son.

Priorities in order, Scott is now involved in a multitude of projects and events in the area. He is on the board of the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering. In addition, he does reenactments of the old western time period and has had roles in movies and TV shows set in the West. His most recent role was in “Orphan Train”, a movie recently filmed in Pagosa Springs.

Scott enjoys being a tour guide for Horsefly where he can fulfill his main goals of educating and entertaining while keeping the Western culture and history alive.

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