Murder & Mayhem


This tour explores the murderous history of North Main Avenue in Durango. Learn about the town doctor who saved countless lives but took the life of one man; changing the course of his life.  Learn about the fire of 1889 that nearly ruined Durango. Experience a saloon that was not much different than it is today when a notorious brothel operated there. And feel the past when you learn in depth about the day the Sheriff and Marshall engaged in the largest gun duel in Durango's history.


We are honored to partner with El Moro Spirits & Tavern and Durango Craft Spirits. Durango Craft Spirits generously allows this tour to end at their tasting room. DCS is the first legal grain to glass distillery since prohibition. They graciously provide a sample of their moonshine to all our tourists. We encourage you to stay at the end of the tour and enjoy drinks from their innovative and creative drink menu, talk, and connect with each other...and talk about the fun history you've just learned. You are not obligated to enter the establishment or to purchase drinks but it is a highlight of the tour and we hope that you do!


Meet outside of El Moro Spirits & Tavern  10 people max. Tour is 2 hours.

945 Main Avenue