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Kick The Can

Life was sure different for kids at the turn of the Century.  For one thing, they worked! Large families were the norm and kids were expected (and often relied upon) to help with chores, farm work, and odd jobs so they could contribute financially to their families.  Kids were rarely supervised and here in Durango they enjoyed playing pranks and games like Kick The Can well into the evenings under the arc lights. This tour will give your kids a taste of what it was like during that time.  They will learn about the shoot-out between the Sheriff and Marshall, a foiled bank robbery attempt, a 130 year old mansion, the fire of 1889, and prohibition along with ghost stories. The tour will end at Thru the Lense where they will have an old tyme “most wanted” photograph taken. Each child will receive a free 5x7 photo and an authentic sheriff’s badge. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

This tour will meet at the Steaming bean (basement of the irish embassy). tour is 1.5 hours. tour is most suited for children 7+ years

900  Main Avenue